Unlike most animals, human beings are social creatures, who without friends and companions cannot exist. We all want change and variety in our lives, which only friends can bring. Therefore, we all look for friends. Those who love socializing don't feel complete without friends and family.  And there are some who only want to be surrounded by some special ones.

But some people don't know how to make friends or to build long-lasting and enduring friendships. Most of them are so busy with their work and profession that they hardly have the opportunity to live. The only option left for them is to make new friends online.

In today's digital world, making friends online and meeting new people has become progressively simple. Although they have limited tools to express themselves online but still it is a lot easier today. Problems that most people face in online sites are that they can't see the expressions or body language of the other person they are speaking to and thus undergo misunderstandings.

There are limitations. You can't run to a friend who's an ocean away but still you can connect and share ideas with them. One of the easiest ways to find new friends on online platforms is to find different communities which share your interests. It doesn’t matter if it’s a game, TV series or role-play. It’s good as long it interests you.

There is a lot to do! It also depends on a little luck, so don't lose hope if you can't succeed the very first time. Today, there are numerous chat sites. You can obviously try out those sites. You will find all different types of people there. Just be careful and eventually all will fall into place. Then there are social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and Instagram for example. You can discover interesting people and can connect with them. You can meet new people while playing online games or at different art forums.

Although it sounds simple, in reality it is not. Always try to be nice and tolerant. Do not give up if someone does not seem interested. Whatever happens, do not blame yourself and always remember it is not your fault.

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