Are you looking for online or social media platforms to make new friends? Today, internet is literally the best thing as it helps you to connect with anyone and everyone. There was a time when most people used to think that internet is weird and dangerous but those days are long gone. Now there are a handful of online friendships sites which help you get connected with likeminded people. These apps are solely created for people to make friends online and meet them offline. There are other apps which encourage its users by organizing Meet-up events where people can meet up in person at a specific date and time.  Most people often get nervous to start the conversation but eventually they end up forming great bonding. Some of the best social media apps to make online friendships are:

MeetMe (Android, iOS)

MeetMe is one of the most popular apps to make friends on the App Store or Play Store. MeetMe has around 100 million plus users looking to build friendships. It helps you to go live, chat and discover likeminded people.

Meetup (Android, iOS)

Most people make friends having common interests. The Meetup mobile app for Android and iOS helps you to join groups in your area that get together and do the things they love. It helps people to meet new people, learn new things, get out of their comfort zones, find support and pursue their passions together.

Bumble (Android, iOS)


Bumble is also known as a women-first dating app. It is the best location based dating application. It is a great platform to find friends. This app contains different modes like Dating mode and BFF mode. It offers its users with Facebook free registration and you can sign up with your phone number.

Revel-Social (iOS)

Revel Social focuses on connecting with event organizers to organize exciting group events for its users.

Nextdoor (Android, iOS)

NextDoor App helps you to connect with your neighbors and get engaged in a local community. With the help of NextDoor, business owners and organizations can target people staying in their local neighborhood and offer services to them.

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